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Welcome to Crossroads FX

Crossroads FX offers a newsletter with market analysis and timing that covers Gold, Bonds, the Japanese Yen and the Stockmarket. 

The newsletter is without advertisements for paying Subscribers.

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NEW: Buy the Crossroads FX Indicator-System

Get your life-time licence for the Crossroads FX Indicator/System  NEW: Buy the whole package of my proprietary indicators/system with a one-off payment !! Then you can load the charts and indicators with the Crossroads-FX system on your own computer and run it on every bond/commodity/currency of your choice, and every time frame of your choice (the system may be applied to almost any time-frame).

Of course you can always come back to us if you have any question on how to read the charts etc, how to do the installation of ninjatrader charts and indicators etc. This is certainly the most trader- and user-friendly option, as you can check the current state of the Crossroads FX indicators and System whenever YOU like and prefer then. There is no monthly maintenance or service fee. All future updates of the system are free for a life-time. 

Ninjatrader is available for free including very good zen-fire data feed for free (without monthly subscription fees) with Mirus Futures and other well known futures brokers:

If you chose to buy the indicator package, you would not need to pay a monthly subscription fee, and save a lot of money in the long term (of course you will have to confirm that you do not disclose the source code of the indicators/system and/or the generated signals to third parties).

You can buy the whole Crossroads FX indicator/system for ninjatrader for only 599 USD, including the source code.

The licence is non-exclusive and for personal use only. Disclosure of signals and/or the source code to third parties is strictly forbidden. 

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at 

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